Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The Dodds – 09 November

The Rucksack Club’s pre-dinner walk from Dockray over the Dodds to welcome the first snow of the season to the Lake District. Charlie and Mary Ramsay joined us – Charlie being the principle guest at the dinner.

20131109-rc_dinner-41Some of the party just above the snow line

20131109-rc_dinner-52Looking back to the Mell Fells

20131109-rc_dinner-113Looking back to the Mell Fells again

20131109-rc_dinner-164Mid-morning snack!

20131109-rc_dinner-185Striding Out

20131109-rc_dinner-256Dropping down towards Greenside Mines

20131109-rc_dinner-337Glencoyne and Ullswater


20131109-rc_dinner-399Traversing round the top of Glencoyne

20131109-rc_dinner-4110Last look at Glencoyne

20131109-rc_dinner-5511Enjoying the last look at Glencoyne

20131109-rc_dinner-6412Aira Beck

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