Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Sa Rateta to Puig L’Ofre – 31 October

With the sunshine back and the temperatures a little lower plans to tour the Tossels Verts were abandoned for a sunny walk along the Sa Rateta to Puig L’Ofre ridge. The only real problem is finding the start of the ascent to Sa Rateta but, for the first time, we took a beneficial shortcut and still picked up the right route. Once on the route the ridge, at least in sunshine, is just pure joy.

20131031-1-Mallorca-547-EditCuber Reservoir

20131031-2-Mallorca-3039-EditLooking west with Alfabia and Es Teix in the distance

20131031-3-Mallorca-3042-Editlooking west to Puig L’Ofre with Palma in the distance

20131031-4-Mallorca-554-EditBack to Cuber with Puig Major beyond

20131031-5-Mallorca-3046-EditTowards Alfabia with Es Cornadors in the mid distance

20131031-6-Mallorca-3055-EditLooking south east from Puig L’Ofre

20131031-7-Mallorca-583-EditLooking down to Soller

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