Thursday, 7 November 2013

Port de Soller – 02 November

A lunchtime flight back to Glasgow meant there was time only for a short stroll along the front before breakfast and the drive back to Palma airport. The warm overcast start to the day did little to prepare us for the cold wet weather waiting at home but it allowed a last look at a place we have come to love very much.


20131102-Mallorca-1522Our hotel – you have to have a snap of it, don’t you?

20131102-Mallorca-1646The Tram

20131102-Mallorca-10341Morning sun just reaching the lighthouse

20131102-Mallorca-10353Morning sun reaching across the harbour

20131102-Mallorca-1565Part of the town above the harbour

20131102-Mallorca-1554Alfabia Ridge (with the masts) in the distance

20131102-Mallorca-1043-Edit7Palma Airport

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