Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Es Teix – 27 October

Sitting between Valdemossa and Soller, Es Teix is a splendid, rambling lump of limestone with good paths and tracks – good enough to tempt you even when the weather isn’t wonderful. We have been on Es Teix on cold, wet days, we have been chased all the way back to Soller by a thunder storm and this year we decided to go back on a warm sunny day. The Sunday market at Valdemossa is always worth a look and so we did before heading off on a new route.


20131027-Mallorca-54-21Valdemossa Market

20131027-Mallorca-60-22Gate in Valdemossa

20131027-Mallorca-61-23Start of the track with the sun just reaching into the valley

20131027-Mallorca-64-24Olive Groves

The route wanders out of the town and up through olive groves before climbing to a ridge below Es Teix and on to a network of paths created by Archduke Ferdinand. Today we headed away from the main track at the earliest opportunity and on to the ridge running west from Es Teix. This is heavily wooded and contains another summit overlooking Valdemossa – we hadn’t planned on visiting the other summit but having stumbled upon a path seemingly heading that way it would have been churlish not to follow it. Even the summit was wooded so the views weren’t as fine as they might have been but they were worth the effort.

20131027-Mallorca-71-25Looking back towards Valdemossa

20131027-Mallorca-94-26Looking west over Valdemossa

20131027-Mallorca-107-27Looking south west towards Palma

20131027-Mallorca-111-28From Es Teix looking east along the Alfabia ridge toward Puig Major with Masanella in the far distance


20131027-Mallorca-140-210Unconcerned goats

20131027-Mallorca-136-29Late afternoon clouds roll in over the town

The planned route, once we re-joined it, was every bit as good as it looks on paper and leads directly on to the summit. This is the only route that does so and the only one that makes this 1000+M summit feel like a real mountain. We took advantage of the Archduke’s paths for a wandering but straightforward descent down wooded hillsides that have more goats than people on them. A thoroughly good day out and a wonderful reminder of why we love these hills so much.

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