Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Es Cornadors – 28 October

The circuit of L’Ofre at the top of the Barranc is one of the best circular walks on the island and, at least some of it is away from the crowds. Early in the morning the Barranc is quieter and cooler but this morning it was quiet but very hot.

20131028-1-Mallorca-213Morning sun at the bottom of the Barranc

20131028-2-Mallorca-214Soller nestling below wooded hills

20131028-3-Mallorca-217Sunshine on the Barranc

20131028-4-Mallorca-220Pauline on one of the bridges

20131028-5-Mallorca-228Gazing into the gorge

By about halfway up the Barranc I was beginning to doubt we could get all the way round today – our pace although not leisurely wasn’t fast enough and was laboured far too early in the day. At this stage I don’t think either of us realised hot it was or how much hotter it would become but we were both happy enough to consider shorter alternatives. Unlike most of the circular routes here this one is very committing with no escape routes of any value and at this pace we wouldn’t have enough water even if we did have enough daylight, and that was doubtful.

In the end we made it to Es Cornadors and enjoyed an “out and back” along the ridge towards Alfabia. Later in the day, at around four thirty the temperature was still 28.5C so it must have been over 30C as we reached the summit of Es Cornadors.

20131028-6-Mallorca-239Puig L’Ofre with Puig Major in the distance on the left

20131028-7-Mallorca-245Looking across L’Ofre to Puig L’Ofre

20131028-8-Mallorca-248Looking down to Soller & Port Soller

20131028-9-Mallorca-277-EditGate on the Barranc

20131028-10-Mallorca-278-EditStreet in Biniaraix

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