Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Port de Soller to Cala Deia and back – 30 October

Following yesterday’s storms the wind was dropping and the rain disappeared but the sea remained agitated. Suspecting the wind on the high tops would be troublesome we had a walk out along the GR221 route to Deia or, more precisely, to Cala Deia hoping to see high seas and we weren’t disappointed. Walking back along the cliff path is slower, more difficult but much more interesting than the GR route.

20131030-1-Mallorca-422-EditChilling by the beach, Port de Soller

20131030-2-Mallorca-424-EditSand castles, Port de Soller

20131030-3-Mallorca-427-EditPort de Soller

20131030-4-Mallorca-441-EditCala Deia

20131030-5-Mallorca-484-EditCala Deia

20131030-6-Mallorca-490-EditCoast between Cala Deia & Port de Soller

20131030-7-Mallorca-499-EditBroken Dream, Port de Soller

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