Thursday, 7 November 2013

Alfabia Ridge – 01 November

With more sunshine for the last full day Pauline suggested the Alfabia Ridge as the best way to conclude our week’s walking and so we did. This is one of the classic routes on the island although the original route has been closed by a farmer for some years. One of the consequences is that the Barranc is one of the descent routes and there is a variation around the south side of L’Ofre which is away from the ‘crowds’ on Es Cornadors. Previously we have done this ridge and seen no one else the entire day but 01 November is a public holiday and we have to share Alfabia with a small group of locals.

Away from the main, signposted routes there are many others and most are way marked although they may require a degree of concentration to follow. We are getting better at this because when we started 10 years ago we did a lot of bush-whacking and sometimes struggled to achieve “book times” for routes. This year with both of us watching the route marks we have realised the “book times” are quite generous – as long as you stay on the route. This year on the Alfabia ascent we were an hour quicker, about 25% quicker, because we stayed on the route. The time saved permitted us to take the longer route to the south of L’Ofre and still get back to Port de Soller for a last beer in the sunset – the perfect way to finish a perfect day.


20131101-1-Mallorca-63Soller with the Port in the distance

20131101-2-Mallorca-69Morning Sunshine

20131101-3-Mallorca-74Puig Major and the valley above Soller

20131101-4-Mallorca-78Puig Major and Solller

20131101-5-Mallorca-79Puig Major under a cloud

20131101-6-Mallorca-92Es Conrnadors with Port de Soller in the distance

20131101-7-Mallorca-97Afternoon sunshine on Biniaraix

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