Saturday, 30 November 2013

Winter Hill – 30 November

Not quite as spectacular as last week, not quite as early as last week but with my cold & sore throat gone I was running this week and again enjoying the winter sunshine, along with plenty of other folk.


20131130-1-winterhill-2Trees between the quarries above Horwich

20131130-2-winterhill-5Looking towards Bolton & Manchester

20131130-3-winterhill-7Road out to the Trespass Stone on Coal Pit Lane

20131130-4-winterhill-15Shaly Dingle (in the shade)

20131130-5-winterhill-17Busy sky

20131130-6-winterhill-18Stone with carved dates (1801, 1912, 1922, 2011) – I wonder what they signify

20131130-7-winterhill-25Going to Great Hill (I know because they asked where it was and how to get there)


Enjoying the sunshine on Noon Hill

20131130-9-winterhill-31Pigeon Tower

20131130-10-winterhill-40Two Lads was busy!

20131130-11-winterhill-42Having a coffee and enjoying the view towards Belmont

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Winter Hill – 23 November

Laid low by a lurgy earlier in the week there was no running this morning but the forecast was good and a good sunrise looked very possible. An early get up and, instead of running, to the top of Winter Hill I took the car and very pleasant it was and the sunrise didn’t disappoint.



Sunday, 17 November 2013

Winter Hill – 16 November


After four consecutive weekends away it is back to Winter Hill for a pre-dawn, pre-breakfast run in gloom and clag. This is how it looked about a year ago, today was just too gloomy and too dull for photographs – it isn’t that I didn’t try but when I got home and saw the results it was a big job for the <Delete> button.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The Other Borrowdale – 10 November

Sometime in the late 90’s and probably by accident we visited our first Wainwright Outlyer. Since then and more often than not in bad weather we have have been very slowly bagging them. Their relative isolation often means the easiest way is to bag them on the way home from something else and today was no exception apart the opportunity to bag 4 and complete a ridge we started in December 1998.

The weather couldn’t have been more different from the day before on the Dodds and despite the low temperatures the sunshine was warm and bright. The ground was almost frozen and these hills almost entirely deserted. High Borrowdale is a little far from the High Fells for views but the Howgills seem close enough to touch and Cross Fell with its fresh snow seemed very close too.


20131110-rc_dinner-802Looking back down Borrowdale with Kendal over the hill on the right

20131110-rc_dinner-823Looking down Borrowdale with the Howgills on the horizon

20131110-rc_dinner-904Looking back along High House Fell with Borrowdale on the right

20131110-rc_dinner-1115From White Howe looking north east over Borrowdale to Crookdale Crag

20131110-rc_dinner-1186Looking across High Borrowdale to High House Fell

20131110-rc_dinner-73-Edit1One of the pylons in the line that follows the A6 north

The Dodds – 09 November

The Rucksack Club’s pre-dinner walk from Dockray over the Dodds to welcome the first snow of the season to the Lake District. Charlie and Mary Ramsay joined us – Charlie being the principle guest at the dinner.

20131109-rc_dinner-41Some of the party just above the snow line

20131109-rc_dinner-52Looking back to the Mell Fells

20131109-rc_dinner-113Looking back to the Mell Fells again

20131109-rc_dinner-164Mid-morning snack!

20131109-rc_dinner-185Striding Out

20131109-rc_dinner-256Dropping down towards Greenside Mines

20131109-rc_dinner-337Glencoyne and Ullswater


20131109-rc_dinner-399Traversing round the top of Glencoyne

20131109-rc_dinner-4110Last look at Glencoyne

20131109-rc_dinner-5511Enjoying the last look at Glencoyne

20131109-rc_dinner-6412Aira Beck

Friday, 8 November 2013

Mallorca – People & Places

In some ways these are the most fun to see, shoot and look at afterwards – they don’t recall great days out on the hills and none are profound but people are the most fascinating subjects and they rarely fail to please.



20131027-3-Mallorca-54-2Buying Fruit & Veg at Valdemossa market

20131027-5-Mallorca-172Red Dress in Soller

20131028-11-Mallorca-292Ice-cream seller, Port de Soller

20131027-6-Mallorca-1003-EditLate night drinks in Cafe Roma, Port de Soller

20131027-7-Mallorca-1009Evening entertainment, Port de Soller

20131027-8-Mallorca-1011Family Party, Port de Soller

20131027-9-Mallorca-1019Harbour front, Port de Soller

20131031-14-Mallorca-46Late afternoon, Port de Soller

20131101-15-Mallorca-103Late afternoon, Port de Soller

20131029-12-Mallorca-388After the storm, Port de Soller

20131030-13-Mallorca-522-EditWolf Prints, Port de Soller

20131027-4-Mallorca-154-2In The Square, Soller

20131026-1-Mallorca-1-EditFishing Lesson, Port d’Andratx

20131026-2-Mallorca-32-2On the tram, Port de Soller