Monday, 21 October 2013

Sunday Morning Walk – 20 October

Almost as much a part of the “Joss” as the Presentation Dinner is the Sunday morning walk with Joss and despite the weather this year was no exception. While we avoided the rain, almost completely, we wouldn’t have been able to keep out of the wind had we climbed any of the fells. The stroll around the end of Wast Water and across the fields around Nether Wasdale was a very fine way to complete the weekend. On the way round to Greendale we encountered a group of divers, both instructors and pupils.


20131020-1-Joss_Dinner-104-EditThis goes where?


20131020-6-Joss_Dinner-59-EditTowards Wasdale Head

20131020-4-Joss_Dinner-50-EditThe Screes


20131020-3-Joss_Dinner-49-EditClosed Doors

20131020-7-Joss_Dinner-63Final Chinwag

20131020-8-Joss_Dinner-65Final Photos


  1. Don't know how those divers ever get back up again with all that weight on their backs....Great pictures again, reckon you must have steadier hands than me....

    1. Thanks :)

      I wouldn't mind trying but not in Wast Water.

  2. the divers were staying at the YHA...had a good chat with them on the Friday evening (I was on a National Trust working holiday staying in the hostel's annexe). apparently it's a good place to dive...they were there for training sessions