Monday, 21 October 2013

Boat How – 19 October

Boat How is an isolated Wainwrght Outlyer between the Eskdale-Wasdale corpse road and Mitredale. On a better day the views of the high fells surrounding it would have been impressive but we couldn’t see them. We did avoid rain and as we approached the Peat Houses about Eskdale the sun came out. A short run and another Outlyer ‘ticked’ – we don;t seem to be very good at this list because we have been working on it for over 10 years, perhaps 2014 will see us completed it.

20131019-Joss_Dinner-41Burnmoor Tarn outflow

20131019-Joss_Dinner-122Looking across Eskdale

20131019-Joss_Dinner-153Towards Harter Fell with a ruined Peat House on the right

20131019-Joss_Dinner-164Down into Eskdale between Peat Houses

20131019-Joss_Dinner-245Towards Harter Fell

20131019-Joss_Dinner-376Waterfall above the corn mill

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