Monday, 21 October 2013

Sunday Morning Walk – 20 October

Almost as much a part of the “Joss” as the Presentation Dinner is the Sunday morning walk with Joss and despite the weather this year was no exception. While we avoided the rain, almost completely, we wouldn’t have been able to keep out of the wind had we climbed any of the fells. The stroll around the end of Wast Water and across the fields around Nether Wasdale was a very fine way to complete the weekend. On the way round to Greendale we encountered a group of divers, both instructors and pupils.


20131020-1-Joss_Dinner-104-EditThis goes where?


20131020-6-Joss_Dinner-59-EditTowards Wasdale Head

20131020-4-Joss_Dinner-50-EditThe Screes


20131020-3-Joss_Dinner-49-EditClosed Doors

20131020-7-Joss_Dinner-63Final Chinwag

20131020-8-Joss_Dinner-65Final Photos

The Finishing Touch – 19 October


20131019-Joss_Dinner-80-Edit1Albert with his engraved “Joss Naylor Lakeland Challenge” tankard, presented by the man himself for a sub 12 hour crossing on 11 August 2013

Boat How – 19 October

Boat How is an isolated Wainwrght Outlyer between the Eskdale-Wasdale corpse road and Mitredale. On a better day the views of the high fells surrounding it would have been impressive but we couldn’t see them. We did avoid rain and as we approached the Peat Houses about Eskdale the sun came out. A short run and another Outlyer ‘ticked’ – we don;t seem to be very good at this list because we have been working on it for over 10 years, perhaps 2014 will see us completed it.

20131019-Joss_Dinner-41Burnmoor Tarn outflow

20131019-Joss_Dinner-122Looking across Eskdale

20131019-Joss_Dinner-153Towards Harter Fell with a ruined Peat House on the right

20131019-Joss_Dinner-164Down into Eskdale between Peat Houses

20131019-Joss_Dinner-245Towards Harter Fell

20131019-Joss_Dinner-376Waterfall above the corn mill

Lal Ratty – 19 October

A day of successfully dodging the rain and staying below the low clouds involved being tourists for a bit and enjoying watching the engine being prepared at Dalemain ready for the return to Ravenglass.


20131019-Joss_Dinner-25-Edit1Made in Bolton

20131019-Joss_Dinner-27-Edit2Oil Cans

20131019-Joss_Dinner-323Oiling River Mite

20131019-Joss_Dinner-354No 9



20131019-Joss_Dinner-636Ready for the Off

Monday, 14 October 2013

Langdale Horseshoe fell race – 12 October

With weather not quite as good as forecast by the time we reached Windermere we both thought it would be worth taking some photos of the lake, in case there was nothing else later.

20131012-1-langdale-3-Edit“Upstart” – probably what he thought of the photographer!

20131012-2-langdale-7-EditLake Windermere

20131012-3-langdale-18Bowfell on the left with Rossett Pike in the centre

“Tricked by the light” could have been my subtitle – I kept watching the clouds lift little by little but the light was still pretty flat so I packed my kit without a camera. As the time to assemble for the start approached the light seemed to be improving so I fetched my camera, remembered last year’s conditions and wondered if we might be in for a repeat.

That wasn’t the case – the light went flat almost immediately and stayed that way for the next couple of hours. By the time it improved I was committed to racing a club mate and didn’t have time to stop. He beat me in the end (well done Martin!) so perhaps I should stopped and taken more photos.

20131012-4-langdale-106Getting ready for the Off

20131012-5-langdale-107Approaching Stickle Tarn

20131012-6-langdale-108Just beyond Stickle Tarn

20131012-7-langdale-113Climbing towards Esk Hause Shelter


20131012-9-langdale-40Tash – First FV45

20131012-10-langdale-70Middle Fell Farm

Huge thanks to Roger and everyone else who helped on the 2013 Langdale Horseshoe fell race

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Wasdale – 05 October

A couple of 2014 “Joss” contenders provided the excuse to go Wasdale for a run from Wasdale Head to Sty Head for the fabulous route to Greendale Bridge. The conditions were always interesting with low clouds coming and going. We found the routes and lines we were looking for and had a thoroughly good day out. Here is hoping both Martin and Michael have as good day in 2014 on their respective attempts.

20131005_001_wasdale-101Clouds rolling over the Scafells

20131005_002_wasdale-7New plaque on Great Gable remembering those FRCC members who fell in the 1914-18 war

20131005_003_wasdale-8Descending Great Gable into the clouds

20131005_004_wasdale-9Pauline coming down Great Gable

20131005_005_wasdale-11Martin & Saira coming down Great Gable

20131005_006_wasdale-13All three a bit lower down on Great Gable

20131005_007_wasdale-14Just dropping out of the clouds as Saira seems to doubt my navigation Smile

20131005_008_wasdale-19Wast Water through the clouds

20131005_009_wasdale-28Looking back to Great Gable from Kirk Fell

20131005_010_wasdale-30Ennerdale with the Buttermere and North Western fells beyond

20131005_011_wasdale-35Wasdale Head beyond Mosdale

20131005_012_wasdale-36Looking back towards Pillar