Saturday, 7 September 2013

Winter Hill – 07 Sept

This time last year I was in the middle of doing too much and building up a collection of injuries that took a while to get over. This year I am anxious to avoid a repeat and having decided to substitute The Ben with the Grisedale Horseshoe. I then began to wonder about recovery before the Mountain Trial the following weekend and decided to substitute Grisedale with an easy run up and down Winter Hill. Next week will tell if I am right to do much less before “The Trial”.

A ‘too early’ start meant catching the last of the overnight rain with the cloud base still below 1000 feet and concealing the views from the summit. Wasn’t worth carrying a camera so I grabbed some snaps with my phone.


20130907_002_winterhill-3George’s Lane, just below the cloud base

20130907_001_winterhill-1Horses from George’s Lane

20130907_004_winterhill-5Horses from George’s Lane (2)

20130907_005_winterhill-7Horses from George’s Lane (3)

20130907_006_winterhill-8Horses from George’s Lane (4)

20130907_003_winterhill-4George’s Lane (2)

20130907_007_winterhill-11Roadside Bathtub

20130907_009_winterhill-15Footpath to Two Lads

20130907_008_winterhill-12Road Home

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