Sunday, 8 September 2013

White Coppice – 08 Sep

After a run in the sunshine we watched the dark clouds rolling in from the west – disappointing really because we planned to wander up out of White Coppice to take some more photos, in the sunshine.

The clouds produced a sky far more dramatic than the plain blue of the morning.


20130908_001_whitecoppise-5White Coppice – looking north west

20130908_003_whitecoppise-17South west over abandoned mill stones

20130908_004_whitecoppice-101One of the mill stones

20130908_005_whitecoppice-104North west with Cumbria in the far distance

20130908_006_whitecoppise-22White Coppice again

20130908_002_whitecoppise-12-EditTwo abandoned mill stones

20130908_007_whitecoppise-29Black Brook above White Coppice

20130908_008_whitecoppise-38Pool on Black Brook

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