Monday, 30 September 2013

Shining Tor & Shutingsloe – 29 Sep

Some six months or so ago we met my brother and his wife for a walk in the Peak and visited Shining Tor. From the summit we looked longingly (some more than others, probably) at Shutingsloe in the middle distance but in the wrong direction on that day. This time we started nearer Shutingsloe and made our way there via Shining Tor. A bright sunny morning let us see the local hills at near their very best while the cool wind ensured we didn’t longer long anywhere.

20130929-shining_tor-11Rolling hills to the west of Shining Tor

20130929-shining_tor-9-Edit2Trig Bagging on Shining Tor

20130929-shining_tor-12-Edit3Mountain Biking on Shining Tor

20130929-shining_tor-22-Edit6Small Pool

20130929-shining_tor-27-Edit7Lone tree near Cumberland Cottage with Shutingsloe in the distance

20130929-shining_tor-13-Edit4Walking south, away from the Cat & Fiddle

20130929-shining_tor-16-Edit5South – towards Staffordshire

20130929-shining_tor-5-2-Edit8Looking north west from Shutingsloe – towards Manchester

20130929-shining_tor-6-29North east towards Shining Tor – the highest point on the ridge

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