Sunday, 15 September 2013

Hodder Valley Show fell race – 14 Sep

The Hodder Valley show rotates between three sites and so the fell race route alters from year to year but the route is flagged and marshalled so there is no obvious reason for the complete failure of the front of the field and almost all the rest of the field for not getting the route right. The consequences were 43 (I think) disqualifications and only 4 finishers. This provided some amusement at the prize giving afterwards although as the Race Organiser pointed out, he has to negotiate permission and access to a specific route for the race with the farmers whose land it crosses and will now have to go “cap in hand” to them to make sure no damage was done by the runners who went wrong.


20130914_001_hoddervalley-88Wayne Walsh – the first runner to follow the correct ascent route

20130914_002_hoddervalley-95The other three runners who followed the correct route

20130914_003_hoddervalley-10320130914_004_hoddervalley-10620130914_005_hoddervalley-11320130914_006_hoddervalley-11620130914_007_hoddervalley-12620130914_008_hoddervalley-132The descent route must have been easier to find

20130914_009_hoddervalley-183First Man


20130914_010_hoddervalley-197First Woman and Second overall


20130914_011_hoddervalley-206Second Man – third overall


20130914_012_hoddervalley-214Third Man – fourth overall

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  1. Well done Wayne every dog has his day ! Navigation and not being a sheep !