Monday, 30 September 2013

Shining Tor & Shutingsloe – 29 Sep

Some six months or so ago we met my brother and his wife for a walk in the Peak and visited Shining Tor. From the summit we looked longingly (some more than others, probably) at Shutingsloe in the middle distance but in the wrong direction on that day. This time we started nearer Shutingsloe and made our way there via Shining Tor. A bright sunny morning let us see the local hills at near their very best while the cool wind ensured we didn’t longer long anywhere.

20130929-shining_tor-11Rolling hills to the west of Shining Tor

20130929-shining_tor-9-Edit2Trig Bagging on Shining Tor

20130929-shining_tor-12-Edit3Mountain Biking on Shining Tor

20130929-shining_tor-22-Edit6Small Pool

20130929-shining_tor-27-Edit7Lone tree near Cumberland Cottage with Shutingsloe in the distance

20130929-shining_tor-13-Edit4Walking south, away from the Cat & Fiddle

20130929-shining_tor-16-Edit5South – towards Staffordshire

20130929-shining_tor-5-2-Edit8Looking north west from Shutingsloe – towards Manchester

20130929-shining_tor-6-29North east towards Shining Tor – the highest point on the ridge

Winter Hill – 28 September

A glorious sunny morning on Winter Hill attracted crowds to The Pike and elsewhere. I found some quieter places to enjoy the sunshine and more or less by accident found this finger-post almost pointing to both the Two Lads and Rivington Pike.

20130928-winterhill-93-Edit1Rivington Pike and Two Lads

Monday, 23 September 2013

Three Shires Fell race – 21 Sep

Oh, the fun the weather has had with my training plans. Having decided not to enter the Ben Nevis race or the, much better, Grisedale Horseshoe race in order to be fresh for the Mountain Trial – the Trial was cancelled because of bad weather for the first time in its history.

A good forecast along with well rested legs suggested a good run at the Three Shires might be a possibility and I was even prepared not to carry a camera, just to see what I could do without any distractions (this becomes critical a bit later in the day). The lows clouds nestling on the fells on Saturday morning weren’t part of any of the forecasts I had seen and the near complete absence of a breeze meant they were going to hang around. I was disappointed but not overly concerned – I thought I knew the route well enough. Well, you always do (in the car park), don’t you?

Hodge Close quarry is an interesting place and warrants more time to explore but not today as the views confirmed the clag was here to stay.


20130921-Three_shires-3-Edit1Hodge Close quarry [i]

20130921-Three_shires-10-Edit3Hodge Close quarry [ii]

20130921-Three_shires-4-Edit2Hodge Close quarry [iii]

These more or less decided that carrying a camera would be a waste of time and effort and so all that was left to do was grab a few shots before the start and not get lost after the start.

20130921-Three_shires-55Registration at the Three Shires Inn

20130921-Three_shires-86Tea and Cakes for sale before the race

20130921-Three_shires-34Race Organiser suggesting “knowing your way back from Cockley Beck could be handy today”

20130921-Three_shires-108From the start field [i]

20130921-Three_shires-129From the start field [ii]

20130921-Three_shires-97Camera shy – he only looked away when I pointed the camera at him!

Having grabbed a few shots before the start all I had left to do was not get lost after the start. Up and over Wetherlam went OK and approaching Swirl How, Albert & Tash caught me having recovered from a less than perfect descent from Wetherlam. Leaving Swirl How I was paying too much attention to Albert’s tale of the Wetherlam descent and it was with only the mildest of interest that we watched Tash disappear into the clag, compass in hand, in a different direction. Having been completely distracted from what we should have been doing we found ourselves on the hause between Swirl How and Grey Friar running in the wrong direction - but we did realise where we were and worked our way back to the race route. Subsequently, we avoided getting lost again apart from a half-hearted attempt on the final descent.

Another great day out and huge thanks are due to Selwyn, all the marshals and everyone else who helped make the race happen.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Lake District Mountain Trail – cancelled

The storms arrived as forecast and put paid to the 60th Mountain Trial.

The commemorative beer arrived too so it wasn’t all bad.



Sunday, 15 September 2013

Hodder Valley Show fell race – “Chasing Hard”


A couple of posts below is a colour version of the photo below – sometimes the colours distract from the details of the photo and here, I think, the effort and concentration on Richard’s face are much more apparent in mono.


20130914_001_hoddervalley-106-EditChasing the race leader

Hodder Valley Show – 14 Sep

The “main event” for most people isn’t the fell race but is one of the many exhibitions of animals, crafts or machines apart from, of course, catching up with old friends probably in or around the beer tent. The main exhibition ring is too big to get close to the Judges but the sheep are judged in small pens in an adjoining field and the intensity of the process is much more apparent.















20130914_001_hoddervalley-6Best butties of the day

20130914_004_hoddervalley-21Mrs Kirkham’s Best Lancashire

20130914_010_hoddervalley-51One of the many tractors on show

20130914_001_hoddervalley-73The Hodder Valley

Hodder Valley Show fell race – 14 Sep

The Hodder Valley show rotates between three sites and so the fell race route alters from year to year but the route is flagged and marshalled so there is no obvious reason for the complete failure of the front of the field and almost all the rest of the field for not getting the route right. The consequences were 43 (I think) disqualifications and only 4 finishers. This provided some amusement at the prize giving afterwards although as the Race Organiser pointed out, he has to negotiate permission and access to a specific route for the race with the farmers whose land it crosses and will now have to go “cap in hand” to them to make sure no damage was done by the runners who went wrong.


20130914_001_hoddervalley-88Wayne Walsh – the first runner to follow the correct ascent route

20130914_002_hoddervalley-95The other three runners who followed the correct route

20130914_003_hoddervalley-10320130914_004_hoddervalley-10620130914_005_hoddervalley-11320130914_006_hoddervalley-11620130914_007_hoddervalley-12620130914_008_hoddervalley-132The descent route must have been easier to find

20130914_009_hoddervalley-183First Man


20130914_010_hoddervalley-197First Woman and Second overall


20130914_011_hoddervalley-206Second Man – third overall


20130914_012_hoddervalley-214Third Man – fourth overall

Sunday, 8 September 2013

White Coppice – 08 Sep

After a run in the sunshine we watched the dark clouds rolling in from the west – disappointing really because we planned to wander up out of White Coppice to take some more photos, in the sunshine.

The clouds produced a sky far more dramatic than the plain blue of the morning.


20130908_001_whitecoppise-5White Coppice – looking north west

20130908_003_whitecoppise-17South west over abandoned mill stones

20130908_004_whitecoppice-101One of the mill stones

20130908_005_whitecoppice-104North west with Cumbria in the far distance

20130908_006_whitecoppise-22White Coppice again

20130908_002_whitecoppise-12-EditTwo abandoned mill stones

20130908_007_whitecoppise-29Black Brook above White Coppice

20130908_008_whitecoppise-38Pool on Black Brook