Sunday, 31 March 2013

High Street to Red Screes – 30 March

With Albert for a wee look at the Joss route particularly to make sure we could find Pike How and the best descent to Kirkstone Pass. We found Pike How and a readily identifiable attack point, we failed to find the best descent to Kirkstone Pass but the snow was so deep on the slope we probably wouldn’t have been able to use it and we ‘ticked’ an extra, unnecessary  summit.

Setting off from Hartsop in snow it seemed as though it was going to be a very difficult day and a not terribly useful recce but the snow stopped, the wind didn’t drop and the sun came out on Red Screes to provide a wonderful finish. In between, we met Meg on the summit of High Street and took a short cut up a snow filled gully on Red Screes.

20130330_001_high_street-100-Edit“Private – No Entry” – climbing out of Hartsop

20130330_002_high_street-106-EditFoot bridge at the outflow from Hayeswater

20130330_003_high_street-109-EditHayeswater under low dark clouds

20130330_004_high_street-113-EditThe Knott with a summiteer

20130330_005_high_street-121-EditTowards High Street summit

20130330_006_high_street-125-EditWind sculptures

20130330_007_high_street-127-EditWind sculptures and Albert

20130330_008_high_street-135-EditThe wall near High Street summit

20130330_009_high_street-139-EditAlbert (on left) with Meg with her owner

20130330_010_high_street-143-EditFroswick and Ill Bell above Kentmere

20130330_011_high_street-155-EditThe other side of Froswick and Ill Bell

20130330_012_high_street-156-EditThornthwaite Crag

20130330_013_high_street-176-EditHungry dogs on Red Screes

20130330_014_high_street-178-EditLooking north over Middle Dodd

20130330_015_high_street-189-EditBrothers Water

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  1. Cracking photos as always Ian. Great composition.