Saturday, 16 February 2013

Winter Hill – 16 February

A glorious morning, out before sunrise and high above an inversion that engulfed Manchester-Bolton-Belmont and probably more. Intending to go back to Darwen Tower I changed my plans when I saw the inversion and realised I would spend much of the morning running in it. Long loops up and down Winter Hill proved a much more enjoyable alternative.

20130216_001_winterhill-3South along Georges Lane

20130216_002_winterhill-8The sunrise Manchester never saw because it is under all that cloud

20130216_003_winterhill-12Mast Supports

20130216_007_winterhill-27Looking over to Peel Tower above Bury

20130216_004_winterhill-13Looking over to Peel Tower above Bury (II)

20130216_005_winterhill-20One of the masts

20130216_006_winterhill-22Looking north just above the clouds

20130216_008_winterhill-32Towards Darwen Tower

20130216_009_winterhill-52A bit later looking over the reservoirs south of Belmont


20130216_011_winterhill-74-EditOld snow

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