Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The “New Chew” – 24 February

More strictly the New Chew Long Score, unlike last year when some sense was applied and I entered the Scoreless race. This year was a fairly sharp reminder that my navigation skills are not really up to this sort of test – I found all the controls I went looking for but planned my route badly enough to have an unused 30+ minutes left at the end. This is to take nothing away from the race – it is well organised, well supported and a really great, very challenging day out. Next year I’ll have to remember “Scoreless”!

20130224-newchew-5-EditRed Shoe – on the foot of another runner

20130224-newchew-9-EditLooking back to Dovestones Reservoir


20130224-newchew-15-EditDovestones Reservoir

20130224-newchew-21-EditBridge across the Yeoman Hey Reservoir Outflow

20130224-newchew-22-EditYeoman Hey Reservoir Outflow

20130224-newchew-24-EditDovestones Reservoir

The results are on the Saddleworth Runners’ website and it was a (little) bit of a shock to see my result – not the place or the number of points (no surprises, there) but this was my first race as a Vet60. Oh well…

Huge thanks to everyone involved in making this year’s race the great experience it was. Special thanks for the food afterwards – it really is the best!

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