Sunday, 17 February 2013

Far Eastern Fells – 17 February

With the promise of sunshine in the weather forecast we headed north to Cumbria to ‘tick’ some more “Wainwrights” for our third round and, more importantly, to enjoy a day on the hills. The forecast suggested a benign, gentle breeze rather than the bitter blast that greeted us in the cold shadows below High Hartsop Dodd – the forecast was wrong and the bitter wind accompanied us for the rest of the day. Up to Rest Dodd, The Nab, Angle Tarn Pikes and Brock Crags for a delightful direct descent to Harsop. Almost all the snow has gone but the north faces retain small fields of old, consolidated, icy snow – Rest Dodd’s north face (not one of the more fearsome ones) retained enough icy snow to require steps cutting with the one axe we took with us. All in all this was fabulous day out.


20130217_001_hartsop-16-EditLooking over Hartsop Above How to Fairfield beyond

20130217_002_hartsop-100-EditTowards Thornthwaite Crag with Hayes Water below

20130217_003_hartsop-107-EditLooking north with The Nab on the left with Loadpot Hill on the right

20130217_004_hartsop-109-EditTowards Rampsgill Head

20130217_005_hartsop-28-EditHayes Water below High Street (left) and Gray Crag (right)

20130217_006_hartsop-34-EditAngle Tarn with Helvellyn and Catstye Cam in the far distance

20130217_007_hartsop-38-EditAngle Tarn

20130217_008_hartsop-117-EditTowards The Knott and High Street

20130217_009_hartsop-120-EditBuilding below Gray Crag

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