Monday, 11 February 2013

Anglezark Amble – 09 February

A poor weather forecast, low cloud and really poor conditions underfoot all persuaded me not to bother taking a camera with me so no photos of the event. Went astray with a group at the back of Belmont then messed up by missing the path to Darwen Tower and going straight to the top of Aggies Staircase. Actually I missed the path I didn’t want so that when I reached the one I did want, I didn’t take it.

This adds about half a mile and I was pretty disheartened for a while. Picked up a bit and finished quite strongly but not quite as near the front as I would have liked. Thanks to West Lancs LDWA and everyone who helped on the 2013 Amble.

20130209_002_amble-4-EditRichard and Albert discussing their days

20130209_001_amble-11-EditMark recovering with a cup of tea and a phone

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