Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year in the Dales - 01 January

The best-laid schemes o' mice an' men gang aft agley but, for once, to our benefit. Weeks ago we tried and failed to book a room at the Old Hill Inn in the Dales for New Year’s Eve. As the morning of the 31st December drew to a close the phone rang and we learned the room was available so we dashed to Yorkshire to bring in 2013.

20121231-NewYear-108Sunset approaching in the Lune Valley

20121231-NewYear-104Flooded Lune Valley

After a thoroughly good night with two old friends and two new friends we breakfasted and walked up to Great Douk Cave to blow the cobwebs away. The cobwebs went along with our hangovers but my cold continued to develop with a vengeance.

20130101-NewYear-142-EditGreat Douk Cave outflow is too much for Colin

20130101-NewYear-15-EditGreat Douk Cave outflow (2)

20130101-NewYear-7-EditGreat Douk Cave outflow (3)

20130101-NewYear-18-EditLooking towards Great Douk Cave

20130101-NewYear-136-EditTowards Ingleton


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