Saturday, 5 January 2013

Healey Nab – 05 January

After struggling for a few days with a cold I managed out for a few miles over Healey Nab to help Andy complete a celebratory “Coope’s Dozen” over Winter Hill. Meeting him after he had done about 13 miles meant it wasn’t too difficult to keep up and it was an unusual experience running the last few miles of the route on fresh legs. Earlier in the day, when I took Pauline to an earlier part of the route, the sky over Winter Hill was quite spectacular.


20130105-winterhill-102-EditRivington Reservoirs

20130105-winterhill-106-EditWinter Hill

20130105-winterhill-111-EditAnglezark & Rivington Reservoirs

20130105-winterhill-114-EditWhite Coppice

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