Sunday, 29 December 2013

Winter Hill – 28 December

Out before daylight in the hope of getting done before any rain but that didn’t work – much like my recent experiment with my iPhone. But first the weather – oh so promising on the way up. A glorious sunrise developing away to the south west.





While all this colour was developing over my right shoulder away to the north west something really nasty was brewing. By the time it arrived on the top of Winter, at about the same time I did, it couldn’t decide whether sleet was enough or not. It must have decided it wasn’t because it then tried a bit of snow before finally settling on some really quite painful hailstones. These were a bit uncomfortable until I turned to run into the wind when it became something like a proper winter storm. After it passed through the sunrise continued much as before.

The last few weeks I have tried to use an iPhone instead of a ‘proper’ camera but the results have been a bit disappointing so much so that I won’t be trying again.





Should obviously have gone out later but at least my last run up Winter Hill in 2013 was memorable.

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Around Aspull – 26 December

Having the day to ourselves yesterday today is going to be a bit more hectic. Potatoes to peel, Sprouts to boil, Turkey to roast so we have time only for a short run through the fields around Aspull. Slightly ironically, having run into clouds resting on the summit of Winter Hill yesterday we stepped out of the front door into even lower clouds today. The weak winter sunshine did begin to burn then off before long.

20131226-1-aspull-9Frosty start to the day

20131226-2-aspull-27An XJS that has seen better days

20131226-3-aspull-29The awkward stile

20131226-4-aspull-33Sunshine eventually

20131226-5-aspull-39Finally a bit of blue sky

Winter Hill – 25 December

As is our wont we had an hour or so on Winter Hill and with not entertaining until Boxing Day we managed to get to the pub as well – about perfect. Up from Walker Fold through low drifting clouds only to see clouds pretty firmly settled on the summit. No views from the top today then.

20131225-1-winterhill-4Approaching the Two Lads

20131225-2-winterhill-12-EditLayer of clouds on the summit

20131225-3-winterhill-18Into the murk by the mast

20131225-4-winterhill-25Almost out of the clag at the Trespass Stone

20131225-5-winterhill-30Catching the rays

20131225-6-horwich-8Late afternoon sunshine on Horwich

20131225-1-horwich-105-EditXmas jumpers in the pub

Merry Christmas to you and yours, whatever you were wearing Smile

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Xmas Eve on Great Hill – 24 December

Another Xmas Eve and another lunchtime run over Great Hill with Preston Harriers and other assorted runners on a cold blustery morning. Steve timed it perfectly so that we ran between the showers and were able to watch them as they swept through the rest of Lancashire.

20131224-1-greathill-1Tony is the only one properly dressed for the weather and he is only walking

20131224-2-greathill-6Great Hill summit shelter


20131224-3-greathill-106-Edit“Cheers” – just before Gordon’s beer arrived, hence the empty hand

20131224-4-greathill-109-EditTony trying to find his wallet Smile

20131224-6-greathill-112-EditTony’s Tales in full flow

20131224-5-greathill-110-EditTony counting the cost of taking his daughters to the pub on Christmas Eve

Thanks everyone for another great Xmas Eve on the hill and in the pub, thanks Steve for making it happen and I hope we an all make it again next year.


Have a great Christmas! Smile

Monday, 23 December 2013

South Lancs LDWA Xmas Walk – 22 December

A week later than usual and the wet, muddy fields were just as wet and muddy as usual. The company was as good as ever but a spate of winter colds and wheezes meant an even more social run than usual but there is no harm in that.
























A good time was had by all and as usual this marks the start of Christmas so let the festivities begin.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Winter Hill – 21 December

In between the showers for a short run up from Walker Fold. Longer, muddier and probably wetter run planned for Sunday so this was one to enjoy.

20131221-1-bolton-10-EditFrom Walker Fold

20131221-1-winterhill-11Even small pylons exert an attraction

20131221-2-winterhill-18One of the many walls

20131221-3-winterhill-20One of the many trees but this one stands alone unlike most

20131221-4-winterhill-24Last flight of stairs to the Trig Point

20131221-5-winterhill-27Wouldn’t be Winter Hill without these

20131221-6-winterhill-33These must need big spanners

20131221-8-winterhill-56Done into the woods and the sun comes out!

20131221-9-winterhill-58The “so slippery when wet” bridge

20131221-10-winterhill-63Final Finger-Post

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Winter Hill – 14 December

An early run in the first light of day through low clouds that produced surreal colours which my camera struggled to capture.

20131214-1-winterhill-3M61 looking south

20131214-2-winterhill-17Looking across the top of the quarries



20131214-3-winterhill-30Over Bolton to Manchester in the haze


20131214-4-winterhill-34The mast road


20131214-5-winterhill-3520131214-6-winterhill-36Fences near the mast


20131214-7-winterhill-45New Chapel

Finally, down below the clouds and off the hill to enjoy the sunshine on the run home.