Saturday, 8 December 2012

Winter Hill – 08 December

Winter Hill today and almost early enough to catch the very best of the morning sunshine. Having run from home and wandered through Blackrod and Horwich before climbing out of the low lying haze I was fortunate to catch the last of the sunshine before the clouds started building. Like last weekend, the snow had a crust but not one capable of carrying any weight and even on the mast road the snow was tedious rather than fun and the ice was always threatening.

20121208-winterhill-2-EditFields on the edge of Aspull

20121208-winterhill-4-EditFields on the edge of Aspull (ii)

20121208-winterhill-29-EditOne of the masts on Winter Hill summit

20121208-winterhill-37-EditThe Mast with steam from Fiddlers Ferry Power Station in the distance

20121208-winterhill-32-EditMore Masts

20121208-winterhill-34-EditEven more masts

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  1. Just enjoyed catching up with your blog, beautiful and dramatic shots of Winter Hill in winter conditions : )