Sunday, 23 December 2012

Tour de Helvellyn – 22 December

The worst of the weather forecasts was almost intimidating (heavy sustained rain, 50 mph wind gusting to over 80 mph) but it didn’t turn out quite that bad. The strong wind didn’t materialise but the rain was sustained and heavy for almost the entire day. It didn’t clear out by late morning – perhaps it need the strong wind to do that? Consequently it turned out to be a very long, very wet day. I carried a camera but it remained in a dry bag for the entire 38 miles and 8500 feet of the race.








These are all taken in the Community Centre as runners begin to finish their preparations. There isn’t a mass start so runners drift in, register, get sorted and start their race which all sounds very laid back and relaxing but it wasn’t yesterday. This was a pretty tense place because everyone was aware of the weather forecasts and how wet and soft the ground was going to be.

Albert, Tony (immediately above, Albert looking at the camera), Hopey and I ran round together finishing in just under nine and half hours.

The Results are here and huge thanks are due to Joe and his team for making this race happen.

Stu Stoddart’s photos are here.

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