Friday, 28 December 2012

Strawberry Duck – 27 December

Delaying Christmas Day until the 26th because a couple of our nephews were working on the 25th meant delaying Boxing Day too and with it our traditional walk to The Strawberry Duck with our good friends, Steve & Eileen. The morning started very wet indeed and a long moorland walk over very wet ground in pouring rain was, somehow, losing its appeal. The rain relented and we resorted to a stretch of tarmac to avoid the worst of the peat bogs which meant arriving at the pub dry and early enough to get a table.

20121227-Belmont-33-EditA duck in the pub even if it isn’t a Strawberry Duck

Retracing our steps across the edge of Turton Heights took us back to the tarmac and for a moment we were tempted to go back over the moor to Belmont – this must have been the beer because this part of the moor is never dry and just now it must be a morass. Just enough common sense prevailed and we followed the tarmac.

20121227-Belmont-36-EditLone Shoe

The gathering gloom over Winter Hill ahead of us suggested we might not make before the rain arrived but in fact the storm clouds didn’t stray far from the top of the masts and we stayed dry. Great to catch up and although the pub appears to have changed hands again the food is as good and the service is excellent.

20121227-Belmont-38-EditWinter Hill

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