Sunday, 16 December 2012

Rob’s 6,000th Non-Pillar Flush Bracket – 15 December

An early run over Winter Hill in the dark and/or rain and/or clag meant no photos until later in the day. Seventeen of us gathered in Haggate where Rob visited his 6,000 Non-Pillar Flush Bracket to compliment his 6,000+ tally of Pillar Flush Brackets. It is always great fun to meet other, slightly obsessive, “collectors” and Saturday was no exception.

20121215-Haggage-3-EditRob examining the Flush Bracket on the side of the Sun Inn

The Flush Bracket details are recorded here and after the photo shoot we retired to the Hare & Hounds across the road for a very convivial lunch.


20121215-Haggage-5-EditThe Photo Shoot

20121215-Haggage-6-EditTerrace Houses across the road – built in 1861

20121215-Haggage-7-EditAnother view of the terrace whose inhabitants seem a little more recent than the building

20121215-Haggage-8-EditThe Festive Hare above the bar

Something like normal service will be resumed next weekend on the Tour de Helvellyn, if the weather improves on the forecast.


  1. Non pillar flush brackets. That's a new one on me. I've learned something today. Thanks.

  2. Enjoyed your blog this year - happy Christmas and keep it up in 2013! Breandán