Sunday, 30 December 2012

Lostock AC: Haggis Run – 30 December

In contrast to yesterday’s rain Winter Hill provided an overcast but more or less dry morning for the annual Lostock AC Haggis Run. This year the haggis was in the form of pasties baked by Paul Speed and pretty good they were too. The Haggis Run a very sociable outing calling at Rivington Pike, the Two Lads and Winter Hill summit with frequent photo calls.

20121230-winterhill-52-EditSillage Bales (1)

20121230-winterhill-105-EditSillage Bales (2)

20121230-winterhill-1First Photo Call

20121230-winterhill-2Second Photo Call

20121230-winterhill-3Getting ready for another photo call

20121230-winterhill-5Almost sunshine

20121230-winterhill-15Pastie Tasting

20121230-winterhill-8-EditCyclist by the Pike

20121230-winterhill-13-EditLooking back to the Pike

20121230-winterhill-10-EditSouth towards Staffordshire

20121230-winterhill-109Recovering in the Top Barn afterwards

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