Sunday, 18 November 2012

Tour of Pendle – 17 November

It is a few years since I shuffled round the Tour of Pendle and, in fact, my last attempt was a DNF with a badly turned ankle. The four previous finishes, part from one, also included injuries serious enough to prevent me from running for at least a few days and in one instance, a few weeks. So it was with some trepidation that I set off along the tarmac for the first of the many climbs up Pendle Hill. The low clouds meant I took fewer photographs that I otherwise might have and because this is the start of some “serious” winter training I was torn between racing and finishing injury-free. I don’t think I did enough of the former but I did achieve the latter – my second injury-free finish in 6 attempts.

20121117-ToP-3This and The Pendle Inn (below) will have to wait until afterwards

20121117-ToP-2The Pendle Inn


20121117-ToP-105Milling About (this takes place before the Warm Up)


20121117-ToP-107Milling  About (2)

20121117-ToP-106Hugh (a Bowland FR club mate. Bowland vest?)

20121117-ToP-102Warm Up

20121117-ToP-101Synchronised Warm Up (not mandatory)



20121117-ToP-111One of the smaller climbs in the second half

20121117-ToP-112Bowland Fells – welcome distraction from the worry of the last climb


20121117-ToP-113Looking up the last and the biggest climb (wish I could have caught his expression)

20121117-ToP-1Post-race washing facilities


20121117-ToP-51-EditPost-race Recovery

Huge thanks to Keiran Carr and everyone else who helped make the Tour of Pendle 2012 happen.

Special thanks to Ian Roberts for the best boiled potato in the world, en route.


  1. Fabulous - thanks for sharing and well done on finishing!

  2. Enjoyed looking at the photos and seeing Clayton's Mark Nutter on the 6th one down. He gave me a lift to Dunnerdale the other week. I have some race photos and photos of walks etc. going back a couple of years you might like to browse through at , mostly taken in Austria but also some in the UK and Italy.