Saturday, 10 November 2012

Mallorca, Puig Teix – 28 October

Puig Teix or Es Teix sits above Valdemossa and between Valdemossa and Soller, the high point on a wonderful limestone ridge. The Soller end is quiet and rarely visited and the entire ridge great day out but it requires a bus to Valdemossa from Port de Soller that runs only in summer. A repeat of the entire ridge isn’t going to be possible which is perhaps just as well. Sunday was a bitterly cold day with a strong wind making conditions almost unpleasant – we didn’t know at the time but the local ‘fell top’ weather forecast had suggested the possibility of snow. We saw rain the night before but it had cleared through before the temperatures dropped. Sunday is a market day in Valdemossa and although it attracts tourists it attracts a greater number of locals, at least at this time of year, and that was where we started.


20121028-ma_12_I-29Valdemossa market



20121028-ma_12_I-35Valdemossa market


20121028-ma_12_I-41-EditWooden Gate

20121028-ma_12_I-48Looking across the island to Palma Bay

20121028-ma_12_I-49Looking along the island to the Alfabia ridge and Puig Major

20121028-ma_12_I-60The northern coast

20121028-ma_12_I-64-EditPath down through the woods (one of ones we couldn’t find the last time)

20121028-ma_12_I-72-EditLike others we came down from the hills for coffee or hot chocolate

20121028-ma_12_I-78-EditLocal produce



20121028-ma_12_I-79-EditLocal produce

The high winds, as we have seen before, can produce spectacular seas which you may want to look at but only from the safety of dry land so we went down to the port to see what they were like and we weren’t disappointed.

20121028-ma_12_I-86-EditPort de Valdemossa


20121028-ma_12_I-96-EditPort de Valdemossa

20121028-ma_12_I-3025Port de Soller sunset

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