Monday, 12 November 2012

Mallorca, Es Tossals – 30 October

Es Tossals is the fourth of four summits in a group between Cuber and Gorg Blau reservoirs usually known by the name of the highest, Es Tossals Verds. It and the next nearest summit, Morro d’Almaluxt, seem favoured by guide book writers, perhaps because they are nearer the large path/track that rounds around the group. Es Tossals and Puig sa Font are slightly more remote and the ground is somewhat rougher. On a previous occasion we visited three of the summits but not Es Tossals and so the original plan was to visit all four this time. The weather forecast suggested an autumn storm arriving sometime after midday and taking 24 hours or more to pass through – the conditions suggested the storm wasn’t going to wait until midday. Missing out Tossals Verds and Morro d’Almaluxt allowed us to almost reach Puig sa Font before the rain. The preliminary showers didn’t last too long and their successors arrived during our descent from Es Tossals. Had we visited the first two summits we would have been caught in torrential rain with more than an hour’s walk over difficult ground to the car. Sometimes we are lucky.


20121030-ma_12_I-245Gorg Blau

20121030-ma_12_I-250-EditSouth west in the direction of Palma

20121030-ma_12_I-251-EditNorth east to El Tomir in the distance

20121030-ma_12_I-269-EditCafe at Soller railway station

20121030-ma_12_I-270-EditTrain leaving the station for Palma

20121030-ma_12_I-283-EditTram crew at Port de Soller

20121030-ma_12_I-286-EditBoats in the harbour at Port de Soller

20121030-ma_12_I-288-EditBoats not in the harbour at Port de Soller

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