Monday, 12 November 2012

Mallorca, Around L’Ofre – 01 November

Sometimes routes just “cry out” to be explored and so it was a year or two back when we first walked most of the watershed above L’Ofre – not in any of the guide books we have found but so obvious that others must do it. The omission of Puig L’Ofre seems inexcusable and all I can offer is that on both occasions time pressure has been sufficient encouragement to contour below the summit. In any event the route climbs the Barranc de Biniaraix, traverses all the summits around L’Ofre apart from Puig L’Ofre and then descends the Barranc – there is an optional diversion within the Barranc that adds a little more climbing and provides otherwise unseen views. We went up by the original route, used a clockwise traverse and descended using the diversion and a wonderful day it was.



20121101-ma_12_I-330One of the many waterfalls

20121101-ma_12_I-341Es Cornadors beyond L’Ofre

20121101-ma_12_I-346-EditPuig Major obscured by low clouds

20121101-ma_12_I-354-EditPuig L’Ofre

20121101-ma_12_I-357-EditPuig L’Ofre again

20121101-ma_12_I-371At the top of the Barranc

20121101-ma_12_I-3094Cup at one of a number of springs in the Barranc

20121101-ma_12_I-3099Soller and The Port

20121101-ma_12_I-387-EditIn Biniaraix


20121101-ma_12_I-391Es Cornadors

20121101-ma_12_I-396-EditRestaurant Mar Y Sol, Port de Soller – where we try to finish all our days with a cold beer


  1. Beautiful sights and brilliant photography. It must have been drinking in all these to your heart’s content. What kind of meals are available in the area? I sure would like to hear more about them. I could imagine the beautiful surroundings inspiring the cooks everywhere to come up with something that delight all senses.

    1. All the small towns and villages in the area have restaurants serving, mainly, local dishes. There are larger hotels in the resorts serving international cuisine although we haven't been to them, preferring local food.