Saturday, 10 November 2012

Mallorca – 27 October

Back again after a year’s absence and it was great to be looking forward to (slightly) warmer temperatures and some dry sunny hills, even if only for a week. First though there is more or less a day’s travelling to do – Mallorca isn’t that far but this year, at least, morning flights are significantly more expensive that afternoon flights. This is half-term and so “cheap flights” is something of a misnomer so we have an afternoon flight and a dusk arrival in Palma.

20121027-ma_12_I-12-EditLimo to the airport arrives on time

20121027-ma_12_I-23-EditOnly looking at the airport shops

20121027-ma_12_I-2014-EditFinally get to the plane

20121027-ma_12_I-2025-EditMust be something in the papers

20121027-ma_12_I-2038-EditWaiting: the greater part of travelling

20121027-ma_12_I-2045Better waiting

20121027-ma_12_I-2047-EditOn our way to the hire car and hotel

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