Saturday, 6 October 2012

Bottoms Up – 06 October

Even by its own “pretty muddy” standard, the going on the West Lancs’ LDWA Event “Bottoms Up” was “muddy” to “very muddy”, in the good bits. The bad bits were unspeakable. In years gone by, Bottoms Up took place nearer the end of the month when our plans involving big hills and sunshine provided the perfect excuse but this year I had no such luck and so found myself, along with plenty of others, waiting for the “off you go” at around 08:30. The weather was exceptional and the short journey from home to Hoghton started in fog and finished in sunshine.


20121006-Houghon-1000Rivington Pike and Winter Hill above the early morning mist

20121006-Houghon-1002M61 Motorway

20121006-Houghon-1008Looking north west from Hoghton

20121006-hoghton-5Looking north to Longridge beyond the cloud filled valley

20121006-hoghton-7Looking north west from Hoghton

20121006-hoghton-6South to the church

20121006-Houghon-1016 East towards Hoghton Tower


The sun was low in the sky for the first hour or so and we were treated to exceptional views from the low lying route. As the sun climbed in the sky the clouds continued to roll and the exceptional light disappeared. By that time I needed to concentrate to stay in touch with the other three runners I was with. In the end the group splintered and I took a wrong stile about 3 miles from the end, very near a farm where I did something similar on a previous occasion – is there a lesson here, I wonder? Anyway, the fourth runner had been even more lost when met – both off route but working our way back to it. Nevertheless it was a fantastic morning to be out and huge thanks are due to West Lancs LDWA Group and everybody who helped on today’s “Bottoms  Up”.


20121006-hoghton-109Almost immediately after the start

20121006-hoghton-110Before the first of the very muddy fields – we weren’t to stay this clean for much longer

20121006-hoghton-111The last of the mist burning off

20121006-hoghton-113Into the sunshine

20121006-hoghton-114Even the Golf Course looked attractive

20121006-hoghton-112Running into the sun


  1. Magical conditions captured in these beautiful images :)

  2. I'd forgotten Bottoms Up was this weekend gone, or Id of popped up to see you off.

    The first 6 miles of the routes are my regular training ground. Your not wrong about the mud either, makes excellent leg strength training!

    And that hill about 4 miles in (after you've run along the River Darwen) used to be my hill rep hill - Until the gamekeeper got annoyed with me getting in the way of his quad bike!