Sunday, 30 September 2012

Winter Hill – 29 September

After weeks of running and racing elsewhere this was a weekend at home and run over Winter Hill on Saturday morning. Along between the reservoirs to Healey Nab, through White Coppice to Great Hill where I caught up, unexpectedly, with Pauline, Ed and Ray before meeting John running in the opposite direction. Very sociable indeed – all this after meeting Gordon earlier on Great Hill.


20120929_004_winterhill-2-Edit  Rivington Stocks

20120929_005_winterhill-4-EditWaterfall – somewhat tamer than earlier in the week

20120929_006_winterhill-13-EditAnglezark Reservoir in the distance

20120929_009_winterhill-20-EditOne of the lanes between the reservoirs


20120929_002_winterhill-21-EditAnother of the lanes between the reservoirs

20120929_003_winterhill-11-EditReservoir with Winter Hill in the distance

20120929_007_winterhill-36-EditWinter Hill

20120929_001_winterhill-43-EditOne of the quarries

20120929_008_winterhill-46-EditTrees between the quarries

My knee seems to be recovering from the Mountain Trial – I don’t need the strap any more but I still paranoid about twisting it because the ligaments or cartilage on the outside of the joint still twinge at the slightest encouragement. Am more optimistic about Great Langdale than I was a week ago.

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