Monday, 24 September 2012

The Rucksack Club fell race – 22 September

The annual Rucksack Club fell race is a low key Score Event with just enough controls for a 5 hour run, if you don’t get lost and don’t make any bad route choices – I did both and ended up with the same number of points as Pauline who jogged gently round some controls with Keith. Based at the club hut in Duddon Valley the event was blessed with spectacularly good weather in contrast with most recent years. I was out early to watch the first of the sunshine arrive on the tops above the valley.











With the sun high in the sky and my map marked it up it was time to go and find some controls, in theory. I undershot the first but found it, overshot the second but picked up later, undershot the third but found it and missed the fourth by a considerable distance. Not too long after missing this control Tom appeared just behind me and it required only a brief conference to confirm we were lost. Eventually we sorted ourselves out and headed off in the wrong direction for the control we had missed. Luckily we soon encountered someone who actually knew where they and we were. We then visited the next three controls without incident and went our separate ways. Another couple of controls later and I realised there were only two things left to do – avoid penalty points and enjoy the sunshine. Tom however was fired up and headed off into the wilds looking for more controls and, for the second year running, picking up most penalty points in the process.

20120922_008_duddon-501Near the first control but not the right stream

20120922_009_duddon-509Harter Fell with the Scafells in the distance

20120922_010_duddon-512Stickle Pike and nowhere near the control we were looking for

20120922_011_duddon-515Stickle Tarn and uncharacteristically close to a control

20120922_012_duddon-520Morecambe Bay with a grey smudge on the horizon that is the Isle of Man

20120922_013_duddon-525Looking towards Lancashire

20120922_014_duddon-530The Scafells


20120922_015_duddon-532The Scafells again

20120922_016_duddon-24Mark who visited all the control faster than anyone else with Paul (event organiser)


20120922_017_duddon-26Andy and John who visited all the control but not quite as quickly as Mark



20120922_018_duddon-27Ed and Ros who were third with Paul

20120922_019_duddon-211Sunset and time for a glass of wine with dinner

Huge thanks to Paul for setting up the Meet at short notice and to Ros for great meal in the evening – another really cracking Rucksack Club meet.

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