Thursday, 27 September 2012

Review: Regatta Professional Uproar - softshell jacket


Recently sent me a Regatta Professional Uproar Softshell jacket for review. Regatta Professional claim their Softshell garments are a new approach to traditional layering systems and the Uproar is available in a number of sizes, a variety of colours, has a water repellent finish, is light, comfortable and wind resistant. It is also interactive which means it can be zipped into some Regatta waterproof jackets and is lightweight with a knitted fabric back for warmth and comfort.

Regatta_Uproar_Jacket_29_145_300_300The Regatta Professional Uproar in black

Sounds good but when might you want, or prefer, a softshell jacket? Because softshells are so versatile it is probably easier to begin by describing when you might prefer something else or something else as well. The Uproar, like all softshells, it isn’t waterproof but it does have a water-repellent finish and will keep you dry for good length of time. If the rain or snow is heavy enough that a hat is needed then a waterproof top is probably needed too and so the lack of a hood shouldn’t be a problem.

Although the Uproar has with a knitted fabric back for warmth and comfort it isn’t, on its own, a proper winter jacket. Just as a waterproof top will be needed when the rain or snow is very heavy, low temperatures or very high winds will mean another layer is needed. Mid-summer will probably be too warm for the Uproar so what does that leave?

Actually, it leaves most of the year round, when it isn't bitterly cold, isn't very hot and isn't pouring with rain. Warm and highly breathable as well as wind and water resistant, Softshell tops are much more versatile than fleeces or other mid-layers and the Uproar is great example of a softshell top.

The design of the Uproar is straightforward, practical and uses warm, comfortable materials. The Uproar is also quiet, almost silent, with none of the “swishing” that is so difficult to avoid with hard shell jackets and, like all Regatta clothing, it is well made with solid stitching - it looks and feels like it is built to last. If I am disappointed about anything, it is the pockets – they are positioned so that they will be behind a rucksack waist belt which isn’t uncommon but they are really too small to be "hand warmer pockets" for adult hands. The full length zip seems sturdy and fastens the collar fairly snuggly around the neck while the sleeves and the jacket itself are comfortably long. In addition to the zip there is a shockcord hem to adjust the fit and help keep the weather out.

The Uproar is a highly versatile, very comfortable, robust jacket that is light enough to wear or carry almost all year round. If you wear a fleece as a top layer most of the year round then the Uproar will do everything your fleece does and more besides – it will keep the wind out for longer, it will keep you dry for longer without a waterproof and it will be as comfortable to wear.

If the Uproar Softshell isn’t quite what are after then have a look at the other jackets and fleeces from

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  1. Comfortable. Warm and true to size. Will need to see how long it lasts since I wear it almost daily.