Monday, 3 September 2012

Ben Nevis race – 1 September

Heading north on Friday afternoon seemed to confirm the weather forecasts – the only real question was “How hard will the wind blow on the summit?” The rain wasn’t going to stay away but it might arrive early enough to allow some runners to be back in Fort William without a soaking but I wasn’t expecting to be one of them.

Saturday morning views over Lock Linnhe were the final confirmation that sun cream wasn’t going to be needed.

20120901-FtWilliam-6-EditTowards Balachullish

20120901-FtWilliam-9-EditAcross to Ardgour

20120901-FtWilliam-101Mark’s preparations involve copious quantities of Black Pudding

20120901-FtWilliam-103-EditDonald Cameron of Lochiel (1835-1905)

20120901-FtWilliam-105-EditIn case we forget

20120901-FtWilliam-109-Edit-2Not everyone comes here to run – some come to walk and some start about 100 miles away at the other end of the West Highland Way.

20120901-FtWilliam-110-EditSome come just for the coffee



20120901-FtWilliam-102Emma chillin’





20120901-FtWilliam-106Ready for the start

20120901-FtWilliam-108-EditApproaching the turn for the Red Burn

20120901-FtWilliam-107-EditRed Burn with a stream of runners approaching from the left

20120901-FtWilliam-109-EditApproaching the cloud base

I was a little slower than last year and slower still than on my debut two years ago. The rain beat me to the summit which made the summit plateau which meant I didn’t get up or down dry but the wind was nothing like as strong as forecast. Once below the summit plateau conditions were much better and the descent is much better too. I find this a difficult race to pace correctly – I climbed too hard too far down the hill and still had plenty of running left in my legs when I hit the road so I got it more or less completely wrong. The Results are here.

After the race we went to Balachullish for a quiet pint and found the pub taken over by a Shinty Team and the ones shown below were the quiet, nearly sober ones.

20120901-FtWilliam-114-EditShinty Supporters

20120902-FtWilliam-148-EditLoch Lomond on Sunday Morning (1)

20120902-FtWilliam-161-EditLoch Lomond on Sunday Morning (2)

20120902-FtWilliam-153-Edit-2Loch Lomond on Sunday Morning (3)

Huge thanks to everyone who helps make the Ben Nevis race happen and especially to the hill marshals who have the conditions to put up with but not the fun of running – thanks everyone Smile


  1. Well done... I'd say you enjoyed that pint, shinty team or not!

  2. Well done Ian. We called in to FW on our way back from up north.
    Wasn’t Sunday a glorious day. Pity we were driving back south.
    We stayed in Kinlochleven on Saturday night.