Sunday, 5 August 2012

Borrowdale Fell Race – 04 August

The first Saturday in August so, summer or not, it must be the Borrowdale fell race – it is and summer arrived to celebrate the occasion. The, now metric, statistics of 26k and 2000m of climbing do little or nothing to convey the challenge of the race and, of course, they don’t even hint at the fantastic atmosphere both before and after.


20120804_001_borrowdale-1002Albert Sunter, Tony Varley and Mark Birbeck at Registration

20120804_002_borrowdale-1005Ready for a big day out




20120804_007_borrowdale-7Final reminder of some of the rules from Scoffer


20120804_008_borrowdale-1020120804_009_borrowdale-1120120804_010_borrowdale-1220120804_011_borrowdale-1420120804_013_borrowdale-1620120804_014_borrowdale-1820120804_015_borrowdale-1920120804_016_borrowdale-2020120804_017_borrowdale-2120120804_018_borrowdale-2220120804_019_borrowdale-2320120804_020_borrowdale-25The marshals at Dale Head – the final check point

I have had better “Borrowdales” but I have also had worse ones and although this was hard and too hot almost all the way round I was enjoying myself until cramp struck descending to Honister – Dale Head is always going to be a slog anyway and today was no exception. A cheery word from the marshals helped and the rolling rumbles of thunder lent a sense of urgency to the final descent. Just missed getting under 5 hours which was a slight disappointment but really neither here nor there in a great day out.

20120804_022_borrowdale-29Declan after “a Borrowdale I enjoyed too much” – is that possible?




20120804_023_borrowdale-1011The Prize Giving Team (Scoffer, Miles Jessop, Race Organiser Ann Bland and Billy Bland)

20120804_024_borrowdale-1012The Runners and more

20120804_025_borrowdale-114First Female – Jasmin Paris (Carnethy Hill Running Club)

20120804_026_borrowdale-127First Male – Ricky Lightfoot (Ellenborough Athletic Club)

Finally, huge thanks to the marshals and all the others who help make Borrowdale fell race happen.

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  1. Looks like great craic! We need more of those fell races our side of the world...