Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Winter Hill Week – 07 July

My Dad is staying with us for a few days and next weekend is the Wasdale fell race both of which meant rethinking this week’s running. Only early mornings and only at the start of the week – to allow enough rest before next Saturday – which really means running from home and, to get some climbing, running up Winter Hill and back. Four days doing that gave me 54.5 miles, just short of 6000 feet of climbing and 3 days rest. Two days were run in very low cloud and on one of these two days it rained but the other two days were bright and sunny – not bad for this summer.

20120707-winterhill-4Welcome sight

20120707-winterhill-8“Spirit of Sport” – Horwich (more info here)

20120707-winterhill-9The Reebok – lights & cameras

20120707-winterhill-10The Reebok – lights & the moon

20120707-winterhill-19Winter Hill Kissing Gate

20120708-winterhill-1-EditWinter Hill in the far distance

20120708-winterhill-3-EditNorth west over flat fields

20120708-winterhill-5-EditWinter Hill & Rivington Pike


20120708-winterhill-10-EditFinger Post with the Two Lads in the distance (the “finger” is now missing, perhaps this is the last photo of it)

20120708-winterhill-104-EditSome of the masts and a post

20120708-winterhill-107-EditBelmont Village & Reservoir

20120708-winterhill-9Old Station Park – Horwich

Looking at old maps of Horwich on Friday night prompted Dad to ask what happened to Horwich Station after it closed. I realised then that I had no idea and I was still wondering as I ran through Horwich the following morning – I was still wondering when I ran passed the entrance to a park and the iron arch caught my attention and answered the question.