Saturday, 28 July 2012

Mount Srd, Dubrovnik – 23 July

A bit of a cheat, really, but it is too hot to walk up hills of any size this week in Dubrovnik. Temperatures are in the mid 30s and there is no shade on the way up Mount Srd and so we join the rest of the tourists in the queue for the cable car. At 1355 feet it was never going to be a “big tick” although there is an element of irony here because, a year ago in Turkey, I wasn’t impressed by Peak Baggers who claim “drive up” summits

– ah, well Embarrassed smile


20120723-dubrovnik-338Small cross on the summit

There is a much larger, newer, cross just below the summit which replaced the one destroyed at the start of the siege of Dubrovnik during the Homeland war in 1991.

20120723-dubrovnik-335Looking inland


The real point of reaching the summit of Mount Srd, by whatever means, is the view of Dubrovnik it provides. Mid summer probably isn’t the best time because of the ever-present haze.

20120723-dubrovnik-337Looking north over the Dubrovnik and its resorts

20120723-dubrovnik-341Dubrovnik Old Town and the island of Lokrum

20120723-dubrovnik-1210Dubrovnik Old Town

Dubrovnik is an entrancing, magical place – the resorts are like any other resorts on this and many other coasts but the old town and its medieval building, forts and walls is a special place thoroughly deserving its UNESCO World Heritage Site status.

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  1. Amazing city and a beautiful country.
    Strazisca, via the Ronald brown pathway is worth a run.