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Brian Layton’s “Joss Naylor Lakeland Challenge” – 30 June

Setting off from Great Langdale to meet Brian somewhere between High Raise and Great End looked straightforward, on paper and in good conditions. In the difficult conditions he had endured through the night I began to wonder if we would be able to find him at all while we climbed up into the clag below Bowfell.


20120630-GtLangdale-21-EditOne of many full becks

20120630-GtLangdale-26-EditGreat Langdale from just below the cloud base

Had Brian been on schedule we would have met him around Rossett Pike but there was no sign of Brian or anyone else making their way from High Raise and so, either he was so far behind that he had retired or he was ahead of his schedule. Hoping it was the latter we carried on to Esk Hause and turned into the route, ascending Esk Pike. Not many minutes later, when we could see nothing, we could hear voices above us and they were getting closer. Three figures materialised soon after - Brian and his two pacers. Brief introductions and we joined the group to go over Great End to Sty Head Pass.

20120630-GtLangdale-36-EditBrian (furthest from camera) nearing Great End summit

20120630-GtLangdale-37-EditSummit approach and the details are recorded

20120630-GtLangdale-40-EditDirect descent down The Nose

20120630-GtLangdale-42-EditThe Stretcher Box and support crew are down there somewhere

20120630-GtLangdale-45-EditTime for food and drink

20120630-GtLangdale-46-EditMore food!

A little over half an hour ahead of his schedule Brian arrived and departed (just) before his support arrived. An even briefer exchange of supplies part way up Great Gable took place and we watched Brian climb strongly into the mist. I don’t know if he finished within his allowed 18 hours but all the indications are that he would have.

Brian reached Greendale Bridge 17 hours and 6 minutes, comfortably within his allowed 18 hours


We headed back to Great Langdale over Seathwaite Fell, Glaramara and Allan Crags to complete another great day on the fells – thanks, Brian, for the excuse.

20120630-GtLangdale-67-EditGreat End emerging from the clouds

20120630-GtLangdale-73-EditSprinkling Tarn almost in sunlight

20120630-GtLangdale-77-EditPavey Ark and the Langdale Pikes

20120630-GtLangdale-56-EditWaterfall below Great End with a wind blown plume of spray

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