Monday, 25 June 2012

Winter Hill – 23 June

Dental work rescheduled for Friday caused me to withdraw from Chris Armour’s Ramsay attempt because I anticipated an extraction that would require a day or two without strenuous exercise. In the event the treatment wasn’t as severe, in fact, not as severe as the weather Chris encountered as his attempt was beaten into submission after 17 hours.

With a poor forecast locally I settled on an early, short run up and down Winter Hill from home. On a slightly circuitous route of about 14 miles I stayed dry and only just warm enough on the top. Flat grey light under a heavy grey sky did little to illuminate distant views or any views. Even on a bad day it is good to get out for a run and today was no exception and the run was much better than the photographs, honestly.

20120623-winterhill-7-EditOne of the many masts

20120623-winterhill-5-EditLooking west over the Lancashire Plain

20120623-winterhill-3-EditNorth east to Darwen Tower (which may just be visible on the far horizon)

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