Tuesday, 19 June 2012

White Bear Way – 16 June

For years we have considered doing the White Bear Way but because it takes place on the weekend of my birthday and this year on my birthday we have always been away or doing something else. This year but for the weather the “something else” would have been the Cumbrian Traverse. One attempt in bad weather was enough – the next one will be in good weather. The White Bear Way is an “LDWA-like” challenge event starting and finishing in Adlington and run by the local Scout Group. It is well organised, well supported and thankfully free from the excessive “rules” of other Scout events.Entry on the day meant the final decision could be left very late and on the day Pauline decided 21 miles in pouring rain wasn’t really her cup of tea. Before the start it looked as though she had made the best decision.


WBW-1From the car before registration

WBW-2Karen marking her map

WBW-3Waiting for the start

By the “runners start” at 09:30 the weather improved and the rain relented. Perhaps “21 miles in the rain” wasn’t going to be the way of things. The worst of the weather held back until we were approaching the summit of Winter Hill – the highest point of the route – and the cold wind brought more rain with it. Once off the the hill and out of the wind conditions were much better but hardly summer, even for Lancashire. The threat of rain and Albert’s (almost) unrelenting pace ensured my camera stayed safely wrapped up and dry, resulting in a day on the hills without a single photograph of a hill or the view from a hill.

WBW-4Albert responds well to tea & pudding afterwards

We got off quite lightly as the heaviest rain we had seen was in the car park before we set off until returning to the car park after finishing when there was a deluge. By that time it didn’t matter much, at least for those of us who had finished.

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