Saturday, 12 May 2012

Winter Hill – 12 May

After the extravagance of hills, miles and feet climbed last weekend, from which my legs are just about recovered, I was happy to have a short, gentle jog over Winter Hill this morning. Usually I wouldn’t be all that concerned about tired legs but they were tired on Thursday night, so tired I had to bail out of the run, somewhat ignominiously, after not very many miles and next weekend is the Old County Tops for which they need to be fully recovered.


winterhill-1-2Sunshine through the trees above Rivington

winterhill-12-3Rivington Pike from the stream crossing as it is known on the Winter Hill fell race

winterhill-15-4The Mast is at the other end of this cable

winterhill-16-5The mast, at the other end of the cable

winterhill-20-6A “finger post”

winterhill-22-7Rainbow towards Preston

winterhill-23-8Rivington Pike from above Pike Cottage

winterhill-27-9Horwich and The Reebok

winterhill-101-1Oak Trees at the Upper Barn at their most vibrant

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