Sunday, 1 April 2012

Winter Hill – 31 March

At the end of a week when it seemed my legs might never recover from the Edale Skyline (Pauline has more race photos here and photos of Edale here) I was looking forward to a long run over the familiar ground of Winter Hill. Regrettably, this season’s “most fashionable vandalism” seems to be setting moorland alight. More than one night this week the moors have been ablaze and in one place a plantation of young saplings seems to have been destroyed. At the end of a week of blazing sunshine Saturday started grey, cool and almost colourless.

20120331-winterhill-6Yarrow Reservoir Outlet (1) 


20120331-winterhill-8Yarrow Reservoir Outlet (2)


20120331-winterhill-12Anglezark Reservoir

Healey Nab was set alight earlier in the week too and after reports of “suspicious behaviour” (young lads lurking with aerosol cans)  members of the local Fire Brigade were out to makes sure nothing was alight. Nothing was but last week’s damage appears considerable.


20120331-winterhill-15Healey Nab

White Coppice lies below Healey Nab and the Cricket Club seemed to be trying to shrug off winter – perhaps last week’s sunshine provided the shove it needed to emerge from seasonal slumbers. The “square” and the outfield were freshly cut and appeared ready to play and the club house was being sorted out with all the enthusiasm a new Spring brings.


20120331-winterhill-18-EditWhite Coppice Cricket Club – the clubhouse

20120331-winterhill-17-EditWhite Coppice Crick Club – looking across the square

20120331-winterhill-20Dean Black Brook

20120331-winterhill-21-EditNorth West over Yarrow and Anglezark Reservoirs from the Pigeon Tower

20120331-winterhill-29-EditRivington Pike

20120331-winterhill-35-EditParagliders on and off Winter Hill with Darwen Tower in the distance and Pendle Hill on the horizon

You get used to getting strange looks from other hill users and I don’t suppose paragliders understand fell running but it did seem slightly odd getting strange looks from people who stand about on windy edges of hills, summer and winter, waiting for enough wind to blow them off. Ah well, another 20 miles or so in the legs by the end of an enjoyable morning.

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