Sunday, 29 April 2012

Lancashire Countryside – 28 April

After last weekend’s race and ahead of a long walk next weekend an easy week in between is in order. Next weekend will involve only a few hills (7) but plenty of climbing (20,000 feet) so I wanted to rested my climbing legs and decided on a nearly flat round round the local countryside. Each December for a few years now we have walked or run the South Lancs LDWA “Xmas Charity Walk” which goes through our village and I have often wondered about using the route as nearly hill-less training route. Today provided the prefect opportunity; 15 miles and just under 1500 feet of climbing, about perfect.

20120428-aspull-30-EditThe Ford (with a bridge alongside, fortunately)

20120428-aspull-32-EditTree Roots

20120428-aspull-41-EditLand Rover

20120428-aspull-35-EditFootball Match in Blackrod

An easy paced run through local countryside reminded me how much there is to see and enjoy in the surrounding countryside when you go looking for it. Big hills last weekend and big hills next weekend – this was just what I needed this weekend. Hope yours was as good.

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  1. Good luck Ian with the seven hills next weekend! ;-)