Monday, 12 March 2012

Haworth Hobble – 10 March

The “Hobble” is a long race even although it is now only 32 miles (the “short version”, the 44 mile longer version is now a thing of the past) and being early in the year is a measure of winter training and a reminder that, for most people, eating and drinking enough is a significant part of the race. The weather, too, plays a big role and despite hints of blue sky it kept providing the low cloud remained in place until after lunchtime. A tiresome headwind made the first 18 miles or so more difficult than most of us would have wished – it is a hard enough day, anyway.

20120310-HHobble-2Julie getting ready

20120310-HHobble-4Eager anticipation, at this stage

20120310-HHobble-302Walking down to the start – to turn round and race back up the wet cobbles

20120310-HHobble-303Karen and Wendy

20120310-HHobble-301The Haworth Hobble it might be but doorstep deliveries still take place

20120310-HHobble-304Climbing towards Mankinholes

20120310-HHobble-307Climbing towards Stoodley Pike as the clouds begin to lift

The clouds did lift and we enjoyed a tailwind and sunshine after Stoodley Pike. By that time however I was keen to see if my carefully executed steady start had left enough in my legs to press on a bit so no more photos – just the battle with weariness.


20120310-HHobble-205I am not the only one with a camera at the finish

20120310-HHobble-211Enjoying the sunshine afterwards – two runners in yellow vests (behind) are just finishing

Huge thanks to Brett, all marshals and everyone else who makes this happen. I managed to eat and drink enough to avoid the previous years’ disasters and my slow start allowed me to take about 5 minutes off last year’s time and still be running (fairly) strongly at the end so, perhaps, it was too steady a start?


20120310-HHobble-206What it really feels like at the end of “The Hobble”!


  1. Love your pictures - the last one sums it up nicely.


    Joe Daniels

  2. well done ian, all the early mornings are paying off :)

    1. Thanks Kate - I hope so but the Edale Skyline may say differently :)

  3. I followed Julie most of the way round! nice to now have a name (me and my friend noticed her nice running tights!) i am the girl in blue Haglofs jacket watching my friends stuff their faces at the end!

  4. That last picture sums up how I felt on Saturday after running half of the Troller's Trot - and it was only 12 miles!
    Sounds like you timed things right and had a good run. Nice set of pictures, as usual. That's a snazzy outfit Wendy is wearing!

    1. It is a tough old day out, The Hobble, and I knew exactly how he felt. Glad you like the pictures.

  5. Hi Ian.

    Some great photos there. Would you mind if I used one or two of them for a report for our club magazine. Probably the Mankinholes and Stoodley climbs. Happy to keep your logo on there and credit you of course.

    Julie Wyant / Tod Harriers / Team Krypton

    1. Delighted Joolz :)

      If you would prefer them without the copyright notice, just let me know which one(s) along with your email address. Leave the details in another comment, which I won't publish. Otherwise, help yourself and thanks for asking.

  6. Cheers Ian. More than happy for your logo to stay on there. They look great!

    Great blog and photos, really enjoyed browsing through all of this. Thanks :)