Saturday, 4 February 2012

Winter Hill – 04 February

The last weekend before The Amble & Winter Hill fell race the following day and a cold grey icy Saturday morning it is. A bitter wind is forecast with snow to follow although when, is a matter of conjecture. I know the routes of both The Amble & Winter Hill well enough not be concerned about recce’ing them – famous last words? Come back next week to find out.

I am trying to develop a new line to the summit of Counting Hill for “Coupe’s Dozen” – a long summer run round the 12 summits on Winter Hill – so I am going to go to have a look at alternative to my first attempt. Thereafter the weather will dictate my route.

20120204-winterhill-2Forlorn Horse

20120204-winterhill-6Trees between the quarries above Horwich

20120204-winterhill-7Wall above Burnt Edge pointing to Rivington Pike in the distance

20120204-winterhill-17Piece of Winter Hill’s industrial past abandoned by Smithills Reservoir


20120204-winterhill-21Winter Hill Mast beyond Shaly Dingle where my new line to Counting Hill begins

20120204-winterhill-25-EditPool with icicles near Shaly Dingle

20120204-winterhill-26Second pool with icicles near Shaly Dingle

After leaving Shaly Dingle for Counting Hill and Winter Hill the light deteriorated and snow threatened before finally arriving. If conditions underfoot are the same next weekend then descending is going to be entertaining indeed. I suspect I may need more excuses than this though – my winter training is less complete than it has been for a few years and just how incomplete is very likely to be revealed next weekend.

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